Audio Visual Facilities

Audio – Visual aids in teaching enhance the students’ ability to grasp quickly even complex concepts. Our schools have exclusive Audio – visual rooms with innovative learning equipments. They have been provided with CDs, Plasma TV, Whiteboard, Overhead projector and other audio-visual aids. Such innovative and effective teaching aids ensure that the teaching – learning process becomes an easy and enjoyable experience making the students understand the concepts quickly.

Computer Education

Computer is becoming part and parcel of the society and one who does not have knowledge in computer science in future, may be termed ‘illiterate’. Computer Science is taught to the students from I Standard.

Co – Curricular Activities

In order to provide complete education to children, the school organizes different co – curricular acitivities. Literary and debating clubs in English, Tamil, Hindi, Maths and Science are functioning. Dramatic club, Social Service Club, General Knowledge club, Fine Arts Club, Current Affairs club are also actively working. Competitions in Handwriting, Painting, Rangoli, Singing, Essay Writing, Drawing, Thirukkural Reciatation, Mono acting, Debate, Elocution, Dance and Fancy Dress are conducted in the school. Avenues are provided for skilled students to organizations and ;Government bodies. Interschool competitions are also conducted. Scouts and Guides, Junior Red Cross, N.S.S. programmes etc. are conducted. Classes in Music, Dance,Yoga are also conducted in CCA period.

Extra Curriculur Activities

Parents have to encourage their wards to participate in these activities aiming at an all round personality development. An exclusive ECA period is provided to students of I – V. This is done with a view to making the future generation excel in all spheres and walks of life. The activities are chess, carrom, silambam, tennis, keyboard, cricket, karate, football, volleyball, badminton and aerobics.

SMS Facility

SMS Facility Messages regarding Homework, holiday tests and terminal examinations and other important matters are sent by SMS.

Art & Craft Department

The school provides meticulous training in the field of art & craft. Children are trained in sketching, coloring, drawing, inking, dyeing, paper work, craft work and thermocol cutting.


The library, a treasure house of wisdom is more precious than all the riches, and nothing else can be wished for its worth or to be compared with. Whosoever therefore acknowledges himself to be a zealous follower of truth, of happiness, of wisdom, of science, or even of faith, must out of necessity make himself a lover of books. The School has Junior Library for classes I to V and senior library for classes VI to XII. Periodicals and magazines are also procured to cater to the needs of all levels of students and staff members. The students are allowed to make use of the school library expand their knowledge, developing their vocabulary and cultivating the habit of reading. Students can take the books home and return them to the school, adhering to the rules and regulations of the library. To inculcate the habit of silent reading and book.

Transport Facilities

Transport facility is available for students coming from long distance at reasonable charges. Application should be made in the prescribed form for availing of Transport facility. For further details, please contact the office.

Medical Facilities

“A sound mind in a sound body” “Health of the youth is the wealth of the nation”. Swami Vivekananda We are special attention to health education. First – aid facilities are made available in the Physical Education department; Minor injuries are attended to by the physical education department teachers. Whenever need arises, immediate medical attention is given by; taking the child to the nearby certified medical practitioner and also keeping the parent informed at the earliest. Avenues are provided for skilled students to participate in the competitions conducted by other social organizations and Government bodies. Interschool competitions are also conducted.

Medical Inspection

For the healthy growth of the child Medical Inspection is done on annual basis and the Medical Inspection report is sent to the parent for necessary follow up.

Laboratory: (Practical learning is more effective)

Separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Computer Science have been provided in the school. These labs are adequately equipped to suit the syllabi. Students above Std. VI can perform practical experiments individually. Students of the primary classes are given demonstrations in practicals in the relevant subjects. For the students of the primary section, a laboratory with working models and specimens has been set up.

Child Care Centre

“Child Care Centre” is functioning in order to facilitate working parents. Children of age of one and above are taken care of, between 8.00a.m. and 6.30p.m.

Physical Education

Physical Exercise is given due importance. Practice is given in field events and track events by the Director of this department. Inter – school and intramural tournaments are arranged. Special Coaching is given to the students to play Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Throw ball, kabadi, Kho – Kho, Tennis, Shuttle Cock, etc. Facilities such as Lawn Tennis Court, Basket Ball Court, Cricket Pitch, Shuttle Cock Court, Table Tennis etc. are available. House System In order to develop the competitive spirit in the students, the students are divided into four Houses; namely Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Competitions in various activities are conducted regularly among these houses.