Work Education

Work Education is viewed as purposive and meaningful manual work, organized as integral part of the learning process and resulting into goods or services useful to the community, besides the pleasure of self fulfillment. It should be an essential component at all stages of education and it has been provided through a well-structured and graded programme to students from class VI. Students can choose any one of the following for the work education class.
• Gardening
• Meal planning
• Craft work
• Computer Science

Performing arts

The performing arts are those forms of art in which individual perform separately or together. The artist's own body, face, and presence is needed for the performance. It benefits students in many ways viz., stimulates their creativity, develops their aesthetic sense, introduces new ideas to them and allows them to express opinions, helps them make sense of their emotions. Students from class VI can choose any one of the following
• Vocal
• Guitar
• Drums
• Keyboard
• Flute
• Dance

Physical & Health Education

Physical & Health Education (PHE) plays an important role in the physical growth and development of students. Through PE, students acquire the knowledge, skills, right attitudes and values towards the pursuit of a lifelong physically active and healthy lifestyle. It also provides an avenue for students to express themselves through movement and physical activity.
• Sports / Games
• Karate
• Skating
• Yoga